A Great Day Indeed!

03/04/2014 13:44

I checked my email and look what I found! Twas a great day indeed!

2014 outstanding poetry highlights & accepted submissions:

Honorary member of the CCLA
by President Richard Grove  

FUKUSHIMA Poetry Anthology

GALLEON (Atlantic Canada)

LONG ISLAND QUARTLY Walt's Corner print


I wish to thankl everyone for supporting my journey in poetry.

All good things,

Donna Allard


2014 Long Island Review 'Walt's Corner'

22/02/2014 22:37

2014  Poem 'dirt road' was accepted for publication in the Long Island Review, 'Walt's Corner', (Walt Whitman) edited by George Wallace.



2010 Official Website Blog Donna Allard

21/02/2014 16:55



'From Shore to Shoormal' 

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